Our principal activity is related to the organization of projects of the data collection for multi-center research and for quality control purposes in the field of medicine. We are a Polish leader in this field since the 90's.

Reporting Systems

For our data collection projects we prepare reporting systems on-line with the profile and project management. The leading role is played by on-line reporting systems, which in addition to results presentation may support maintaining a high quality of the data collected.

Multicentric databases

Currently available communications technic allow for the collection of medical data according to standardized methods, electronically from many geographically outlying centers. Data security is ensured thanks to the available online secure encryption protocols. This greatly facilitates the conduct multicenter research on rare cases and the accumulation of large amounts of information from multiple units for quality control purposes.

Internet Interface

The Web interface is nowadays the most popular solution to the on-screen for the user. With the development of information technology, it becomes indistinguishable from the application screen and makes it easier, especially for less advanced users, to access the information and to enter the data into more and more user friendly web forms.

Mobile applications

Due to the increasing popularity of mobile devices such a smartphones and tablets, the mobile applications for these devices became very popular. We decided to hire them for the benefit of patients. Our applications are easily available in the mobile devices, are a source of medical information, as well as the perfect complement to the existing online systems to facilitate the collection of information from other mobile devices and directly from the patients.


We have served for our clients since early 90 ties. Our professional activity was always based on the implementing of IT into the medical practice. For many years we were focused on multicentric data collection for scientifical projects as well as for the quality control in medical practice. Currently, our interest also headed towards medical applications for portable devices. Our projects we present on this page will bring you the information about the profile and the scale of tasks we have been involved. Please read who trusted us and with whom we cooperate.

  1. Multicentric databases projects

About Us

Magnum2 was established in 1988. From the beginning, the company focused on employing an Information Technology into the daily medical routine in hospitals, outpatient clinics and reaserch. We began with the Patient Data Management system for the Intensive Care Units expanding this system to the laboratory departments. In the 90's we changed the profile of our interests focusing on the organization of the projects related to data collection for multi-center research and quality control in the field of medicine. Currently we opened a department creating medical applications for mobile devices.

Zdzislaw Tobota MD

The founder and animator of all activities of the company is Dr Zdzislaw Tobota. Trained as a physician and a great enthusiast of the introduction of the modern IT solutions to everyday medical practice. Gathering his experience in this field since the early 90's on the subsequent phases of computer revolution, which are common nowadays for many professional groups as well as for the physicians.

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